Citizenship Process

Some countries’ economic citizenship programs require lengthy and intrusive applications, interviews in the country, full and audited financial disclosure, minimum residency requirements, and other inconvenient measures that could stretch out for years.

Applying for St. Kitts Citizenship is a very straightforward process that usually leads to citizenship approval and passport in as little as 90 to 120 days without the need to travel to St. Kitts. Your government-authorized citizenship processor (International Investments & Consulting, in the case of a Marriott property purchase) will guide you through the process to assure conformity with the regulations and accurate form and document completion.

The steps required for citizenship application are:

  1. Decide on an investment option – real estate or SIDF donation
  2. Select a property (if you decide on the real estate option) and sign a Purchase Agreement
  3. Complete the required government forms and source supporting documentation
  4. Submit your application to the government using an “Authorized Person”
  5. Receive your citizenship approval from the government
  6. Close on your property
  7. Receive your citizenship certificate and passport

IIC has processed nearly 100 citizenship applications and is able to efficiently guide its clients through the process and smooth out any bumps along the way.