roger-stkitts I recently completed the economic citizenship application in St Kitts with help from the team at International Investments & Consulting Limited. From beginning to end, their team of experts made the process smooth, and easy to understand. I was amazed as I watched how quickly, and efficiently, they were able to deal with every step of the process. I highly recommend them as my first choice for anyone who is considering a second citizenship.

Roger Ver
Bitcoin Evangelist


I became a St. Kitts citizen several years ago as a hedge against possible world political turmoil which could negatively affect the United States. I value freedom more than almost anything else and a second or third passport provides me insurance just in case the U.S. government decides to value security over freedom. I chose the St. Kitts economic citizenship program because it is faster and less demanding than any other citizenship program in the world and because it has a passport that allows visa-free travel to 140 countries. I recommend using International Investments & Consulting as the government authorized representative to process your St. Kitts citizenship application and to help you acquire the real estate required by the citizenship program.

Dan Bilzerian
Private Capital Investor